Gypsum boards

Plasterboards are an essential building material for flexible and inexpensive interior design. Products from the LANXESS biocide range offer reliable protection against all relevant kinds of moulds. They also have an emission feature that meets the most stringent requirements for indoor air quality.

In-Can Protection

Ready mixed gypsum plaster products and primers need to be preserved against decay during storage before application. This is called "in-can preservation". In-can preservation of aqueous products may be achieved with a variety of different biocidal products. The choice is determined by compatibility, efficacy, price, labelling, plant hygiene, regulatory situation and availability in different parts of the world.

Gypsum plaster

Mold is not only unsightly but certain types can be hazardous to health. It is a particular problem in humid climates where mold may appear on freshly applied gypsum plaster in new houses, when the moisture of the construction material cannot dry out before mold starts growing.