Specialty Paper & Packaging

Microbial contamination of paper leads to an unaesthetic presentation of the paper product. On top, some types of fungi can cause human health issues, including respiratory infection and immunological disorders.

Fungicides prevent mold development and protect the packaging during its whole life span.

At the beginning of 2021, LANXESS acquired Intace SAS, a Paris-based biocide company that formulates specialty fungicides for the protection of paper and paper board. The formulations complete our portfolio for specialty paper & packaging.

LANXESS customers can choose from a broad range of fungicidal substances to protect paper and cardboard for special paper and packaging applications. 


  • Blend of organic components which provides long-term protection against the development of mold in paper and paperboard
  • As it is a blend of different active ingredients, it is effective against a wider range of fungi than products containing only one active ingredient
  • Very stable
  • Will remain active in suppressing mold growth for several years
  • Typical applications are soap wrappers, bottle labels and the backing for vinyl coated wall and floor coverings