Pulp & Paper

In the paper industry, fast-acting slimicides for use in water systems and in-can preservatives are needed to protect paper auxiliaries. For special applications, fungicide-treated papers are produced. LANXESS offers a range of suitable products, predominantly with approval for the production of paper with food contact.

Our products for the protection of Pulp & Paper



  • Aqueous solution of approx. 42 % sodium dimethyl dithiocarbamate (SDDC).
  • Microbicide for the sugar industry. Preventol® Z is used for controlling the growth of microorganisms in sugar mills.
  • Additive for the rubber industry. Preventol® Z is a short-stopper for the emulsion polymers SBR and NBR.
  • Slimicide for industrial recirculating cooling water systems. Preventol® Z also has application in pulp and paper mills.
  • Waste water treatment (chemical for precipitation of heavy metals in the metalworking/galvanic industry).
  • Inter alia registered in Europe, Switzerland, Australia and Japan.