Plasterboards are an essential building material for flexible and inexpensive interior design. The organic components necessary for production, such as starches, can favour the growth of mould, both when stored and installed, and affect the air quality in enclosed spaces. Products from the LANXESS biocide range offer reliable protection against all relevant kinds of moulds. They also have an emission feature that meets the most stringent requirements for indoor air quality.

Our products for the preservation of plasterboards



  • Finely ground powder with a low dust content based on a solid, alkaline formulation of o-phenylphenol.
  • For preservation and finishing in the glue-, adhesive-, paper- and textile industries. For the manufacture of powdery medical instrument disinfectants. For the manufacture of powdery wash and cleaning agents with antimicrobial properties.
  • The product has a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, mould, yeasts and lipophilic viruses.