Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking fluids, particularly aqueous cooling lubricant emulsions, are often in use for months and years in open circuits in metalworking machines. Reliable preservation against bacteria, yeast and fungi requires regular treatment with highly effective biocides.

LANXESS is particularly committed to the introduction of novel formulations for long-term protection of aqueous cooling lubricants, with a pointed focus on the interests of workplace safety.

Our products for the preservation of metal working fluids



  • 50% GDA containing solution.
  • For controlling slime-forming bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae.
  • Used in paper mills and paper mill process water systems, water based coatings for paper and paper board, air washers, recirculating cooling water systems, heat transfer systems, and oil well drilling and oil field processing applications and pigments and filler slurries for food contact paper and paperboard.
  • Only sold in USA.