LANXESS offers the right solutions for the special needs of the leather industry, with preservatives under the brand name Preventol®. These include the protection of hides, especially in the wet-blue stage. The preservatives in the leather area are marketed by our Leather Business Unit. For more information, click here.

Biocidal active ingredients to formulate a preservative for the wet-blue leather industry and for the protection of materials and difficult-to-preserve help and finishing products for leather production are offered by LANXESS Material Protection Products.

Our products for leather


  • Liquid alkaline preparation based on min. 38 % chlorocresol.
  • For the preservation of concrete additives, metalworking fluids, textile auxiliaries, thickener solutions, adhesives (including protein-based formulations) and glues, knifing fillers, aqueous coatings etc.
  • The product has a broad and balanced spectrum of activity covering gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, mould and yeast.
  • Particularly effective against putrefactive bacteria and therefore suitable for use in products which are difficult to preserve (e.g. protein-based formulations).