Glues & Adhesives

Historically, adhesives are primarily water-based and therefore require in-can preservation. In addition to the common preservatives for dispersions of synthetic raw materials, LANXESS offers specialized biocides for the effective preservation of hard-to-protect natural glues; whether they are gelatin, casein, or starch based.

Our portfolio also includes fungicides for treating adhesive films, such as joint bonds in paper bags used in humid climates and mildew-resistant sealants.

Our products for the preservation of glues and adhesives


  • Thiabendazole active ingredient, small grain powder.
  • Fungicide for use in: adhesives, paints,paper, air filters, plastics, textiles, nylon carpeting etc.
  • Broad spectrum of activity.
  • Thermally stable, no yellowing.
  • Excellent toxicological profile.