Concrete Admixtures

Concrete admixtures, particularly plasticisers based on perishable lignosulfonates, are often a challenge for preservation. LANXESS offers you a wide range of preservatives, which meets all requirements - whether for long-term protection in hot climates or for simple standard preservation - with a broad selection of suitable combination products.

Our Products for the preservation of concrete admixtures

PREVENTOL® ON EXTRA Preservative Solution

    • Liquid alkaline formulation based on approx. 20 % o-phenylphenol (OPP).
    • OPP concentrate for the preservation of industrial products such as glues and adhesives, mineral slurries, products containing protein, metalworking fluids, polishes, thickener solutions, wax emulsions etc.
    • To be used as fungicide in gypsum plasterboard.
    • The biocidal active substance o-phenylphenol offers a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts and mould.