Antimicrobial Soaps

Antimicrobial soaps help to keep pathogenic microorganisms in check and break chain of infection . Preventol® SB is an active ingredient in deodorant soaps, deodorant sticks, sprays, powders, and roll-ons and shaving creams.

Our products for antibacterial soaps


  • Min. 97 % triclocarban (urea derivative).
  • Available as fine micronized powder (Preventol® SB micronized) and as non-micronized, coarser powder (Preventol® SB extra).
  • Active ingredient for antimicrobial soaps and for medicated cleansing products. For deodorant soaps and other cosmetic deodorant/antibacterial products.
  • Inter alia allowed as in-can preservative for cosmetics in Europe, Japan and USA.