Antimicrobial Soaps

Antimicrobial soaps help to keep pathogenic microorganisms in check and break chain of infection . Preventol® SB is an active ingredient in deodorant soaps, deodorant sticks, sprays, powders, and roll-ons and shaving creams.

Our products for antibacterial soaps



  • Min. 99.8 % chlorocresol (p-chloro-m-cresol).
  • For the preservation of thickener solutions, adhesives (including protein-based formulations), concrete additives, metalworking fluids, textile print thickeners, leather etc.
  • For the formulation of disinfectants for use in hospitals, doctor’s offices, industry, institutions and sheds.
  • The product has a broad and very balanced spectrum of activity covering Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, mould and yeast. Particularly effective against putrefactive bacteria and therefore suitable for use in products which are difficult to preserve (e.g. protein-based formulations).
  • Inter alia registered in Europe and USA.