Mineral Suspensions/Slurries

Slurries composed of calcium carbonate, kaolin, and other organic or inorganic pigments are often a particular preservation challenge because of such factors as high temperatures during grinding or high pH values. LANXESS products make it possible to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria throughout production and during both storage and transport.

Our products for the preservation of mineral suspensions and slurries


  • Blend of 15% o-phenylphenol and 5% dazomet.
  • Inhibits and controls the growth of slime forming bacteria and fungi.
  • Preserves a wide range of water-based suspensions and aqueous dispersions including adhesives, glues & tackifiers, construction products, paper auxiliaries/additives, paints, coatings, inks & dyes, pigments & mineral slurries as well as polymer dispersions & emulsions.