Mineral Suspensions/Slurries

Slurries composed of calcium carbonate, kaolin, and other organic or inorganic pigments are often a particular preservation challenge because of such factors as high temperatures during grinding or high pH values. LANXESS products make it possible to effectively prevent the growth of bacteria throughout production and during both storage and transport.

Our products for the preservation of mineral suspensions and slurries



  • Liquid alkaline formulation based on approx. 45 % o-phenylphenol (OPP).
  • OPP concentrate for the preservation of industrial products such as glues and adhesives, mineral slurries, products containing protein, metalworking fluids, polishes, thickener solutions, wax emulsions etc.
  • To be used as fungicide in gypsum plasterboard.
  • The biocidal active substance o-phenylphenol offers a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts and mould.