All-in-one wood preservative products

Preventol® A 70, Preventol® A 72, Preventol® A 74 and Preventol® A 76 contain all the necessary ingredients to produce ready-to-use water-based wood preservative primers in only one step: After 1:3 dilution with water, the products can simply be filled into retail cans. As well as active ingredients against wood harming organisms, the concentrates contain an alkyd binder and all other additives required to form a primer with excellent application properties and a short drying time. 

  • The unique concentrates offer many advantages:  
  • Quick and convenient production of a ready-to-use formulation
  • Improved supply chain: One product with all ingredients
  • Reduced R&D costs: No customer product development necessary
  • Straight focus on marketing and retail logistics possible
  • Approved efficacy according to EU wood preservative standards