Oxone™ monopersulfate compound can be used as a processing aid in repulping internal broke or a secondary fiber furnish. Paper products containing polyamide epichlorohydrin (PAE) wet strength resins can be effectively repulped to make same grade paper. Oxone™ has been demonstrated on a variety of sanitary, food, packaging, and specialty papers containing wet strength resin and made from different furnishes such as bleach kraft, sulfite, CTMP, recycled paper and unbleached kraft.

Unlike chlorine-based repulping agents, Oxone™ does not produce Absorbable Organic Halides (AOX) or other chlorinated organics. It also does not degrade the fiber or darken mechanical pulp. It is easier to handle and does not require any additional storage or delivery equipment. Under optimal conditions, Oxone™ reacts rapidly, thereby reducing repulping time and increasing the productivity of the repulper. It is effective under commonly found repulping conditions.

LANXESS is the owner of new oxidative technologies that deliver rapid repulping times competitive with sodium hypochlorite. Repulp WSR™ proprietary technology* uses oxidative chemistry along with other actives to achieve complete defiberization in as low as 15 minutes, while maintaining low to zero chlorine levels in waste streams. Such rapid and complete defiberization makes it possible to eliminate mechanical processing equipment such as deflakers.