Used for copper cleaning and surface preparation in printed wiring board fabrication, Oxone™ is a free-flowing powder chemical microetchant that contains an acidic peracid as its active ingredient. It provides the predictable and stabile etch rate regulation that is needed to improve process control values for multi-step processing of thin foils, HDI, and SAP processes. Oxone™ provides the high copper solubility and ease of use needed in today's fast-paced PCB fabrication environment.


  • Free-flowing powder
  • High etch rates
  • Uniform, predictable etch rate
  • Excellent bonding morphology

Oxone™ microetchant is used in the surface preparation of copper laminate and foil prior to bonding: resist film, metal plating, mask, and final finish. Its bonding morphology is critical to maintaining PCB integrity throughout the life cycle of today's printed circuit boards, where higher soldering temperature and higher density often mean increased temperature changes, causing temporary twisting and warping to stress bonds. Oxone™ bonding morphology improves adhesive and cohesive bond strength.

LANXESS has a line of microetchant products that is well suited to meet the specific needs of your application. LANXESS electronics surface preparation chemistries are all RoHS compliant and designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry.