Services for paper and packaging

Application know-how is one of our core competencies. We consider technical service as an integral part of our portfolio, and our paper and chemical engineers are available for on-site assistance.

Our formulations are especially designed for paper machine application. Fungicide and biocide formulations are applied on paper machines (e.g. size-press), printing presses or laminators. Our fungicides are fixed to the paper surface by adding them to a binder such as PVOH, starch, water – based varnish, latex, CMC or others.

We provide quantitative and qualitative laboratory services, including 

  • Identification of main fungi present on paper or board
    - by microscopic analysis
    - by biomolecular analysis
  • Efficiency check of fungicide treatment according to:
    - International norms (Tappi 487-pm99, AFNOR NF 41-517, ASTM G 21, ..)
    - Customized methods according to application and environment
  • Analytical quantification of fungicides in the paper or board