Dishwashing liquids, liquid laundry detergents, fabric softeners and general purpose cleaners are subject to microbial spoilage when they are manufactured and stored without being preserved. In order to protect these products and to extend their shelf lives, LANXESS offers the detergent industry a broad selection of suitable preservatives. Our preservatives are formulated with various active ingredients and combinations so that you can pick the right formulation according to your individual need.

Our Products for the preservation of detergents

Product name Short description  
BIOCHEK® 410 Combination of DBDCB and BIT
BIOCHEK® 721 M Combination of DBDCB and Bronopol
BIOCHEK® BIT 20 BIT solution
BIOCHEK® BIT 20D BIT dispersion
PREVENTOL® BIT 10 BIT solution
PREVENTOL® BIT 20 N BIT solution
PREVENTOL® BIT 20-D BIT dispersion
PREVENTOL® BIT TD Combination of BIT and TMAD
PREVENTOL® BM 10 Combination of BIT and MIT
PREVENTOL® BM 25 Combination of BIT and MIT
PREVENTOL® BM 5 Combination of BIT and MIT
PREVENTOL® BM 75 Combination of BIT and MIT
PREVENTOL® BMO Combination of BIT, MIT and n-OIT
PREVENTOL® BMO basic Combination of BIT, MIT and n-oit.
PREVENTOL® BMP Combination of BIT, MIT and Bronopol
PREVENTOL® BO Combination of BIT and OIT
PREVENTOL® BZX Dispersion of BIT and ZPT
PREVENTOL® D 12 Combination of IT and (ethylenedioxy)dimethanol
PREVENTOL® D 6 forte Combination of IT and (ethylenedioxy) dimethanol
PREVENTOL® D 7 CMIT/MIT formulation
PREVENTOL® D 8 Combination of IT and TMAD
PREVENTOL® D 9 plus Combination of (ethylenedioxy)dimethanol and OIT
PREVENTOL® DP 1021 Combination of DGH and Bronopol
PREVENTOL® GDA 50 GDA solution
PREVENTOL® IT 14 CMIT/MIT formulation
PREVENTOL® MIT 50 MIT solution
PREVENTOL® P 100 Bronopol
PREVENTOL® P 301 Combination of Bronopol and Isothiazolinones
PREVENTOL® P 72 W Bronopol